Monday, March 6, 2017

It's Here! For a limited time only.

Well, if you're following some of us around the social medias you now know our bundle of April Fools Day stories is LIVE!

April Fools For Love is bundled up with seven stories full of pranks, puns, and passion.

Are you missing any books from your April Fools for Love collection? Grab this bundle for only 99¢. 

Or if you're a Kindle Unlimited customer you can read this bargain to read FOR FREE!

The Lusty Linguists wanted to give you all a gift and share some smiles with you. (We can't send you chocolate, so this is the next best thing, right?)

This bundle is available exclusively on AMAZON for a very limited time. Once it's gone these stories go back to individual titles.

Hurry and read it before it's gone!

Seven Stories. Only 99 cents!

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