Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Did you miss out??

Did you miss out on our April Fools For Love boxset? No worries. The individual
stories are making their way back into the stores.

Check out the sidebar and you'll see a featured title from each author.

Want all the links? Click the author names from the tabs or dropdown menu if you're on a mobile device.

We'll be updating regularly.

Thanks for fooling around with us!

~The Lusty Linguists

Monday, March 6, 2017

It's Here! For a limited time only.

Well, if you're following some of us around the social medias you now know our bundle of April Fools Day stories is LIVE!

April Fools For Love is bundled up with seven stories full of pranks, puns, and passion.

Are you missing any books from your April Fools for Love collection? Grab this bundle for only 99¢. 

Or if you're a Kindle Unlimited customer you can read this bargain to read FOR FREE!

The Lusty Linguists wanted to give you all a gift and share some smiles with you. (We can't send you chocolate, so this is the next best thing, right?)

This bundle is available exclusively on AMAZON for a very limited time. Once it's gone these stories go back to individual titles.

Hurry and read it before it's gone!

Seven Stories. Only 99 cents!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Where are the books?!?!

You may have noticed some of the April Fools For Love collection has vanished.

Don't worry. There is a DEAL coming your way. Miss out on one of the books? Two? Just heard about this awesome collection?

Grab your copy of Jodi Redford's "Double Dare"  to keep yourself busy. The rest of the April Fools For Love collection is coming to you for an AMAZING price through our friends at Drakon Press.

Keep your eyes peeled for our sexy new cover.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Get Inspired

We've left Valentine's Day in the dust. It's time to start thinking about what comes next....

A prank to make that special someone really remember you.

Click all the links above and load up your e-reader. The Lusty Linguists have 8 scorching stories that combine humor and some April Fool's Day pranks to get you in the holiday spirit.

Available now!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Love, Lust, and Laughs

From the more than slightly skewed minds of the Lust With a Laugh bloggers come four stories with pranks to make you pant!

Click on the tabs above for a taste of each author's book, or click to your right to get your hands on these books right now!

Any authors looking to get in on the fun for upcoming projects, please contact Roxy Mews at Roxy.Mews@gmail.com.

We'd love to add more stories to our collection next year!

Happy Reading!